The National Scoliosis Center (NSC) is the realized dream of Luke Stikeleather, Certified Orthotist—a dream that has been fostered through decades of working with his young scoliosis patients and seeing the hardship that the many different appointments and shuttling between facilities can cause. Luke has honed his craft of making, fitting, and adjusting custom braces for each patient and has seen this specialization result in significant improvements in his patients’ clinical results (Washingtonian Article). This experience has led to the vision of a dedicated practice for scoliosis, a practice that benefits its patients in both quality of care and long-term outcomes. Communication between practitioners is also essential in achieving excellence of care, and that coordination is enhanced when the Orthotist, brace-maker, radiology technologist and physical therapist are all under the same roof.

In 2015, Mr. Stikeleather opened the NSC, the only full-service 100% dedicated scoliosis facility in the United States. We exclusively treat scoliosis patients and offer a world-renowned Orthotist specially trained in the Rigo Cheneau Style bracing, in-house brace fabrication, Schroth physical therapy, and low-dose x-rays via the cutting-edge EOS system—all in one facility.

Our braces are hand-fabricated using state-of-the-art technology. Our Computer-Aided Design (CAD) system generates a 3-D image of our patients from which we custom design and fabricate our braces based on the individual patient’s curvature and rotation. The Rigo Cheneau Style brace is our signature custom TLSO brace for treating scoliosis in children and adolescents. We also utilize the Providence brace when night time only bracing is appropriate. Bracing for adults is not as common, but can be utilized part-time for pain relief and improved positioning.

Schroth therapy is complementary to the Rigo Cheneau brace. The Schroth method and Rigo Cheneau bracing follow the same principles of elongation, breathing, de-rotation and improving overall posture and balance. The NSC offers Schroth therapy for both adults and children.

To further enhance our full commitment to state-of-the-art scoliosis care, we offer EOS imaging which features a low-dose radiation exposure for x-rays. Considering the necessary frequency of x-rays for those with scoliosis, we feel that offering this service is in keeping with our mission to provide the highest quality of care for our patients.