Helpful Resources

General Information

Effectiveness of Rigo Cheneau Brace vs. Boston Brace (Published study in the Scoliosis Journal)


John Hopkins: 5 Facts about Scoliosis Every Patient Should Know

IRS Information on Significant Healthcare Expenditures

Patient Advocacy Services Link 2

Joint Hyper Mobility


Patient Stories

Scoliosis Family Adventures

Scoliosis Family Adventures is a great blog about one families journey through scoliosis with multiple kids and outcomes.


Mayaland is a blog that shows how the support of the family and compliance of the patient can change the course of treatment.


Life Extension: Dangers of radiation due to traditional x-rays
World Health Organization: Communicating radiation risks in paediatric imaging

Research on Potential Cause of Scoliosis

Research from HSS on eliminating Spinal Fusion

Scoliosis and Disability

Schroth Physical Therapy

Hope for an S-Shaped Back

Book and information on Schroth exercises


Treatment Protocols