Out-of-Town Patients

Our patients hail from all over the continental U.S. and Canada. To ensure your experience is smooth and enjoyable, we utilize special procedures to accommodate traveling families. These include a condensed appointment schedule, assistance with lodging, and ongoing communication with your referring doctor back home.

Typically, our patients make two visits a year, each lasting 1-2 days in the office. Schedules vary, however, a typical out-of-town agenda follows:

Initial Visit

Day 1: At 8:00 a.m., the patient is scanned to obtain custom measurements for their brace. Afterward, the patient and their family generally spend the day visiting the area including the National Mall, with world-class museums and historic monuments. Our Orthotists block off a significant portion of their day to design and fabricate the brace. The patient returns for a 2-hour appointment in the late afternoon for the brace delivery and fitting. This 2nd appointment may be moved to Day 2 if patient prefers a later start time.

Day 2: The next morning, the patient returns after wearing the brace for the remainder of Day 1 and overnight.  They will also get an EOS in-brace x-ray at this time to determine in-brace spine correction. Based on these images and any areas of discomfort, adjustments are made by our Orthotists at this time. Afterward, the patient generally returns home.

6-Month Follow-Up Visit

Day 1: The patient comes in for an out-of-brace EOS x-ray and our Orthotists make changes to the brace based on growth, changes in curvature, or any areas of discomfort. This visit usually requires a 1-night stay, with the patient returning home after the appointment.

We generally need to repeat this 2-visit cycle every year until the child has reached skeletal maturity. However, if the patient’s Orthopaedist does not recommend a new brace at the 1-year mark, the patient will only need to come in for a brace tune-up and any recommended adjustments based on the out-of-brace x-ray.