Custom Scoliosis Bracing

Bracing has long been used to halt progression of the spinal curvature.  In cases of early onset, bracing has even been shown to produce “corrective growth” where the curves decrease as the patient grows while the brace holds the spine in corrected position.

Adolescent Bracing
Luke Stikeleather has been making braces for more than 25 years. His expertise lies in the custom TLSO Rigo Cheneau brace which he has perfected after decades of treating patients with scoliosis. This brace focuses on the 3-dimensional nature of scoliosis. The combination of pressure points and areas of relief (no pressure) allow for correction of the curve in all planes and helps restore balance and alignment in the spine. Our Orthotists strive to include our patients in the brace making and fitting process. Our patients especially enjoy picking out the color or pattern of their brace (Personalize Your Brace).  At delivery, we work together to make the brace as  comfortable as possible and walk the child through getting accustomed to the brace, wear and care, and compliance expectations.

Night Time Bracing
Some patients benefit from a different style of brace this is worn just when sleeping. The Providence brace is most often used in these situations. Since it is worn while sleeping, a greater correction is achieved because a lower comfort threshold is required and gravity plays a lesser role while lying down. This brace is appropriate for most curve patterns and is comfortable to wear when sleeping.

Adult Bracing
We do see many adult patients as well. Bracing for adults has different goals than bracing growing adolescents. With adults, we work to elongate the spine and decrease the pressure on the concave portion of the curve and vertebra. With this, we hope to decrease pain, increase endurance for activities of daily living, and improve posture. An evaluation with x-ray is required to determine if bracing will benefit the adult patient.