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Because idiopathic scoliosis typically is diagnosed during the tween or teenage years, one of the main concerns with our patients is, “how will I look with the brace on?” Our brace is very streamlined and isn’t as bulky as many others that are on the market. This is due to a) the 3MM copolymer thermoplastic used to create our brace and b) our custom-made braces are cast from the CAD-CAM digital scanning of the patient’s body hence formed specifically to their body and curves.

How your child chooses to approach her fashion style will depend on her personality, confidence levels, and security felt within her circle of friends. One approach is a head-on outlook. With this mindset, your child can dress whichever way she wishes or feels most comfortable. This approach doesn’t begin with dressing, but by letting her classmates and friends know about the brace when the child begins wearing it. Once everyone knows about the brace, your child will feel more comfortable with dressing based on her individual preference and the temperature versus picking what will hide the brace. Patients that have gone this route have reported feeling less stress and more overall comfort with their brace.

For those that don’t feel comfortable showing their brace so openly or for the times they would rather cover it up, there are a few tips to help minimize its appearance.

Here are a few fashion tips to discreetly wear your brace:

  • Use Patterns
    • Patterns will busy the eye to make the lines of the brace less noticeable
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing
    • Loose fitting tops can conceal the piece
  • Layer clothing
    • Typically, this is done with wearing a form-fitting tank and a loose shirt or sweater over
  • Draw attention to other areas
    • Necklaces, cool shoes, or a shiny pair of earrings can draw the eye away from the torso
  • Longer hair
    • The most visible part of the brace is the top edge, rear view. Having longer hair can either completely hide or soften the edge.

Caring for the brace

Your brace will require some basic care and maintenance to keep it in the best shape possible. You will want to make sure the straps, hardware, and padding do not get wet to prevent rusting. You will also need to routinely clean your brace. Some patients use a simple damp washcloth to clean the brace weekly. Other patients have used the Windex Vinegar Cleaner to gently clean the brace. The brace should also be put up at a safe height when not in use—away from pets and toddlers.

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