Luke Stikeleather, CO

Luke Stikeleather is the President of the National Scoliosis Center (NSC) where he serves as the Chief Orthotist exclusively specializing in scoliosis treatment. The NSC is a realized dream of Luke’s, fostered through many years of working with his young scoliosis patients and seeing the hardship that the many different appointments and shuttling between facilities can cause. Stikeleather has honed his craft of making, fitting, and adjusting braces and has seen this specialization result in significant improvements in his patients’ treatment results. These experiences led to his vision of having a dedicated practice for scoliosis which uniquely benefits its patients in both quality of care and long-term outcomes. In 2015, Stikeleather opened the NSC, the only full-service 100% dedicated scoliosis facility in the United States. We exclusively treat scoliosis patients and offer an Orthotist, brace fabrication, Schroth physical therapy, low-dose X-rays–all in one facility.

Luke is both nationally and internationally recognized as an expert in his field. He is an Associate Fellow with the Scoliosis Research Society, and a founding member of the SOSORT, the International Society of Spinal Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment. Additionally, he serves on the editorial board for the Scoliosis Journal and is a member of the BRAIST Bracing Evaluation Committee. He earned his bachelor’s degree from James Madison University and is a graduate of the post-graduate certificate program in orthotics from Northwestern University in Chicago.

Luke’s passion is helping children and adults with scoliosis and furthering treatment options and research in the field.

Luke and his wife have 2 daughters. He has very little free time these days, but when he is free, he can be found visiting his daughters in college or traveling with his family.