Melanie Minesinger, Patient Advocate

Melanie Minesinger is our resident patient advocate.  She represents the heart of the organization–helping our patients understand the process of scoliosis intervention and maintenance. She helps our young patients work through any concerns they have with adapting to the brace and assists parents with scheduling, understanding treatment processes, giving advice and tips with adjusting to the brace, and even arranges lodging for our many out-of-town clients.

Melanie has been with Luke for over six years as a key employee and has over 14 years of bracing experience from the patient side as a mother of two daughters with scoliosis. She brings her background as a Certified Meeting Planner to keep the organization and patients in sync, always with an eye on the goal of the best possible journey and outcomes for our patients.

Melanie has a very personal experience with scoliosis as the mother of two daughters who have been successfully treated with bracing done by Luke Stikeleather.  She understands the challenges faced by the parent and has empathy for those who need the brace.  It is her mission to help more children benefit from the non-operative care that was so successful for her own daughters.

You can reach Melanie at with any questions or concerns.