Preparing for Your Visit

Your first visit

Preparing for your first appointment with us does not require any sort of physical preparation; however, you will need to obtain or complete several things:

1. New Patient Forms

After you contact us and set an appointment, you will receive an automated email from our patient portal, which will allow you to complete the registration forms online.

2. Prescription for Brace (TLSO)

A prescription for your brace is required and should be brought to your first appointment (or sent to us ahead of time). Please contact your referring physician to write a prescription for a “Rigo Cheneau Custom TLSO Brace”¬†or “Custom TLSO Brace”. Also, have your physician write a diagnosis on the prescription.

3. Letter of Medical Necessity

A Letter of Medical Necessity is required by health insurance carriers for prior authorization and claim processing. This can be requested from your referring physician.

4. Clinical Notes

Clinical notes are required by health insurance carriers for claim processing and can be requested from your referring physician. The notes should be from your last visit when your physician recommended a brace for treatment.

5. Prescription for X-ray or current X-ray

We can take your X-rays here in our center using our EOS imaging system on the day of your first appointment. EOS uses up to 80% less radiation than traditional X-ray and provides clear images that do not need to be stitched together.

Please note, by state law, we cannot perform an X-ray without a prescription.

If you will be bringing X-rays with you to the first appointment, they need to be taken within 4-6 weeks of your appointment date.