About National Scoliosis Center

We are 100% dedicated to using non-operative, evidence-based medical techniques to treat scoliosis.

National Scoliosis Center (NSC) is a full-service center that is 100% dedicated to using non-surgical, evidence-based medical techniques to treat scoliosis as well as providing educational resources, support groups, a friendly smile, and encouragement. We understand that a diagnosis of scoliosis can be scary and the idea of wearing a brace can be worrisome, and we are here to make the process more comfortable and successful.

Founded in 2015, NSC offers Rigo Cheneau style bracingSchroth physical therapy (through collaboration with Schroth Physical Therapists), low-dose X-rays (EOS system), education, and emotional support.

The Rigo Cheneau Style brace is our signature custom TLSO brace for treating scoliosis in children and adolescents. The Rigo Cheneau has been shown to generate better long-term outcomes than more traditional, less customized braces, such as the Boston brace (study of Rigo Cheneau vs. Boston). We also utilize the Providence brace when nighttime-only bracing is appropriate and provide bracing for spinal fractures.

By combining art and science to fabricate, fit, and adjust custom braces for each patient, our team has seen significant improvements in our patients’ clinical results. Each brace is constructed using state-of-the-art technology. Our Computer-Aided Design (CAD) system generates a 3D model of our patients from which we custom design and fabricate our braces based on the individual patient’s curvature and rotation.

Patients treated with RCOs [Rigo Cheneau] compared with Boston-style TLSOs had…significantly lower rates of spinal surgery.



Luke Stikeleather, a Certified Orthotist, is the founder of NSC and has spent over 35 years working with scoliosis patients. In 2015, Luke decided to open his own business after years of working for other orthotists. NSC is exactly what Luke envisioned—a full-service center that is 100% dedicated to using non-surgical, evidence-based medical techniques to treat scoliosis.

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Hundreds of parents bring children with curved spines to Luke Stikeleather. He makes back braces—and makes wearing them less scary.