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…the evidence is there that bracing can indeed prevent progression of scoliosis. I have been even more pleased with the results of the Rigo Cheneau Orthosis—fewer patients progress to surgery and I notice improvement in their clinical trunk rotation.


I have been referring my patients to Luke Stikeleather [at National Scoliosis Center] for scoliosis bracing for over 15 years. He is a highly specialized orthotist, making only scoliosis braces. He has trained extensively under Manuel Rigo in Spain and has developed his own unique style of Rigo Cheneau Orthosis. He thoughtfully analyzes each curve and monitors the effect of the brace. He stays in touch with the patients and makes changes when needed.


The patients I send to the National Scoliosis Center, I can trust will receive thoughtful, expert conservative care.
– Paul Sponseller, MD, Johns Hopkins Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

I’ve been referring patients to Luke Stikeleather and the National Scoliosis Center for 14 years. The outcome of the kids that come out of this center is really excellent. We have had tremendous success with mild, moderate and even more pronounced cases of scoliosis when treated with a brace made through the National Scoliosis Center.
– KristEn Venuti, CRNP, Pediatric Orthopedics Nurse Johns Hopkins Hospital