Calling All Patients! Share Your Summer Adventures!

Community News:
Summer pictures of kids with scoliosis

☀️🏖️🏙️We want to hear from our patients!

Summer is here and we want to see how our patients are rocking their scoliosis brace while enjoying the season!

Celebrate the arrival of summer by flaunting your scoliosis brace and making the most of the season! Whether you’re basking on sandy shores, exploring new cityscapes, or simply enjoying your hometown, we’re eager to hear from you.

Engaging our patients in their personalized treatment plan and fostering a sense of ownership over their brace is paramount. We wholeheartedly encourage brace usage. To sustain this positive momentum, we invite our patients to share their summer escapades with us.

Send us a postcard (National Scoliosis Center, 3023 Hamaker Ct, Ste LL50, Fairfax, VA 22031) or capture a photo of yourself in your brace and connect with us via direct message on social media or by emailing our office at [email protected]. Show us how you’re staying active and embracing the best version of yourself this summer. Don’t forget to mention your location and what you’re up to!

Witnessing the smiles on our patients’ faces and listening to their stories brings us immense joy. Let’s exchange these experiences and inspire one another to persevere. Together, we can demonstrate that scoliosis will never hinder our progress! 💪💚

We eagerly anticipate hearing from you!

Photo Disclaimer: By sending us a picture, you grant us permission to share it with our followers in a future post.