Design Award

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In August 2018, we received notice that we were awarded the Merit Award for commercial interior design excellence in the 2018 James M. Scott Exceptional Design Awards Program. We have Gregg Horgan Architecture to thank for helping us pick the paint colors, office layout, and calming atmosphere. The real design, though, is in the lab. It has white walls, overhead lighting and is full of machines and tools. Sounds soothing and calming, doesn’t it? It is the heart of our center. This is where the magic happens, the braces are made and the patient’s fears are laid to rest. Parents breathe a sigh of relief.

One of Luke’s goals was to create a center of excellence where patients and their families could come and get all of their scoliosis treatment needs met. Instead of going from appointment to appointment all over town and in some cases across state lines, on separate days, they can come to a state-of-the-art facility with everything needed under one roof. The Rigo Cheneau brace is custom made and fit on-site, EOS imaging with low-dose radiation and Schroth Method physical therapy are also available on site. Ideally, a patient will have their X-rays, brace fabrication, and physical therapy in one place at the same time.

Another goal for the center was to create an atmosphere of care and compassion. When diagnosed with scoliosis emotions run high, questions race through the mind rapid-fire, and worry creeps in. From the moment you walk in the door to the moment you walk out, the staff and physical space work together synergistically to calm those anxious nerves and to give back to the patient a sense of control. Our patients are encouraged to participate in the treatment process as much as possible. This could be anything from choosing a pattern to put on the brace to helping make the brace fit precisely and to be as comfortable as possible.

Yes, we are grateful for the award, Luke and the design team worked diligently and thoughtfully to create a space that would be welcoming, inspiring, and comforting. They also worked hard to bring under one roof everything you could need for the treatment of scoliosis. More importantly, we are grateful for those who have trusted us to care for them during what could be a difficult season. Mission accomplished.