Our EOS Imaging team is Growing!

Low Dose X-Rays: ,

We are happy to announce that Emalee Holmes has joined our team – expanding our EOS Imaging (X-ray) Solutions for patients as a Radiology Technologist. Emalee Holmes has been nationally certified as a radiology technologist since 2003. Her career began in X-ray and CT in South Florida. She also spent seven years in medical sales selling radiation protection and configuring X-ray rooms and equipment along the East Coast. Today, she is excited to share her expertise with us and is enthusiastic to be working with the EOS Imaging System. She loves that EOS is easy to work with, provides high-definition images, and offers low-dose radiation to patients.

Scoliosis is a condition Emalee is very familiar with – not only does she have scoliosis, but her daughter, Alice, is currently undergoing treatment for scoliosis at National Scoliosis Center.

Join us in welcoming Emalee!