Kristian is Featured on ABC7’s Good Morning Washington

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Kristian on ABC7's Good Morning Washington

As the school year kicks off, don’t forget those essential check-ups for your little ones. But here’s the twist – there’s one more crucial question to ask your pediatrician or primary care doctor during that visit!

Our Orthotist, Kristian Christensen, a certified expert, recently took the spotlight on ABC7’s “Good Morning Washington.” He joined Eileen Whelan for an insightful chat about scoliosis, where he gave invaluable advice to parents. Watch the full interview, here.

Kristian’s expertise shines as he sheds light on the importance of checking your kids for scoliosis during routine appointments. From the early signs to proactive measures, he’s your go-to guide for keeping your children’s spinal health in check.

So, when those school-related check-ups roll around, remember to bring up scoliosis awareness and prevention with your healthcare provider. Stay informed, stay empowered!