Welcome Christen!

Office Announcements:

We are excited to announce that Christen has joined the National Scoliosis Center staff as our newest Orthotic Assistant. Christen recently moved to Virginia after graduating from Towson University in Maryland. A former Level 8 gymnast and long-time gymnastics coach, she combined her passion for anatomy and physiology with her interest in acrobatics to earn a BS at Towson in Exercise Science. With the rigor of school behind her, she looks forward to getting back to practicing aerial skills in her free time.

At National Scoliosis Center, Christen’s primary duties will include assisting Luke and his team of orthotists with patient care and brace fabrication. Her own personal experience with scoliosis makes her especially valuable to our staff and patients. As a 7th grader, she participated in a routine screening for scoliosis held at her school. Screeners diagnosed her with a mild curve and suggested she see a specialist at Johns Hopkins. By her 9th grade year, Christen’s curves had increased to such a degree that she was fitted with a brace. She wore the brace for 23 hours per day through 10th grade. A combination of a good medical team (orthopedist and orthotist), wearing her brace diligently and participating in physical therapy successfully stabilized her curves, allowing Christen to avoid invasive surgery.

We are fortunate that Christen can bring not only her education, but her own personal journey through successful treatment for scoliosis to her work and relationships with our patients. Welcome to the team, Christen!