Lunch and Learn About Schroth Physical Therapy

Community News:

Last week our team at National Scoliosis Center attended a Lunch & Learn about Schroth physical therapy (a scoliosis-specific type of physical therapy).

The featured guest was one of the Schroth experts with whom we collaborate, Caroline Campesi. This Lunch & Learn allowed our team to learn more about Schroth physical therapy and how it helps patients improve their condition. We are thankful for the opportunity to both collaborate with and learn from Caroline.

Caroline practices out of our Fairfax office. She works with teen, adult, and senior patients in all stages of their scoliosis journey – those that have not started bracing, are currently in a brace, have completed bracing, and those that are post-surgery. Caroline has practiced physical therapy in the Washington, DC area since 2012. She worked for a boutique outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic in downtown DC before starting her own practice in 2015.

In 2019, Caroline decided to pursue extensive Schroth Scoliosis training (Schroth-Barcelona Method) in New York City as she noticed many of her physical therapy patients were scoliosis patients. She says that scoliosis “found her”, triggering her passion for helping those with scoliosis and caring for her patient’s spines. She now works full-time in the field of scoliosis, kyphosis, and spinal disorders, and is committed to the conservative management of these diagnoses. She uses her skills to make sure each patient knows how to lengthen their spine and strengthen their core. While she believes in the Schroth Method, she says it will not be successful unless patients do their part and put in the work – successful physical therapy of all kinds require the patient to be committed.

She loves that she, Luke Stikeleather (NSC’s Founder and President), and the entire NSC team share the same philosophy, vision, and passion for serving patients, specifically those with scoliosis.

To learn more about Schroth Physical Therapy and Caroline, go to or our Schroth page.