Brace Cleaning Tips for Patients

Custom Braces:

Cleaning your brace is just as important as cleaning your clothes. Most patients wear their brace 21+ hours a day, under both daytime and nighttime clothing. During that time you may be outside, running, playing and sweating–and even though the brace may not be touching your skin, the straps and brace will retain bacteria and odor which is why it is important to clean your brace frequently.

Guidelines to cleaning your brace:

  1. Wash your hands before you put the brace on and before you take it off–this helps keep those straps clean.
  2. At least twice a week (in the summer months or if you sweat a lot you may need to do this once a day), use a little rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth, or an antibacterial wipe, and wipe down your brace. You may also use a little soap and water on a soft cloth (do not immerse your brace in water) and dry brace immediately. Be sure to wipe down the pads that are located under the arm as these pads will retain odor if not cleaned often.
  3. Our orthotist’s will typically replace the straps and pads at your six month follow-up appointment, and with a little help from you they should last that long. Of course, if there is a clear need for them to be replaced let us know and we can address the need.

Cleaning your brace takes just a few minutes. And a clean brace not only looks good, it smells good too–keeping you (and those around you) happy.