Treating Cervical Thoracic Congenital Scoliosis

Custom Braces:
boy helping with scoliosis brace

Meet Caiden! He is 7 and has a complex case of Cervical Thoracic Congenital Scoliosis. He was born with about an 80-degree curve in his cervical spine, as well as a thoracic curve. He wore a custom brace from age 2-7. This past fall he was in an out-of-state hospital for over a month having halo gravity traction, followed by a 10-hour surgery on his cervical spine. He experienced major nerve complications from this surgery, was in a hard cervical collar for 6 months post-op, and was in intensive therapy for months afterward, regaining use of his right arm.

At his 6-month post-op appointment, his surgeon said we need to do something now to buy time for growth before the next fusion surgery on his thoracic spine, so that is when we called National Scoliosis Center and Caiden met Luke (Chief Orthotist, Founder, and President).

“Luke was so incredibly kind to Caiden and let him be involved in the whole process. He has had so many braces before, but never experienced being able to help put it together. People like Luke are the silver lining in this long and very stressful journey with Caiden.”

– Laura, Caiden’s Mom