Rigo Cheneau TLSO: Rising Above the Status Quo

Custom Braces:
Teen Girl with Scoliosis Brace

There are several types of scoliosis back braces out there. Most are designed to maximize curve correction when the brace is worn while also promoting the gradual straightening of that curve over time. Many feel restrictive, but the Rigo Cheneau thoracic lumbar sacral orthosis (TLSO) brace works uniquely and effectively without excessive restrictiveness. The Rigo Cheneau TLSO brace offers scoliosis patients a highly customized brace that applies corrective pressure at integral points while leaving “breathing room” in other areas. It provides relief areas opposite from the corrective areas. And the results have been exemplary.

According to Luke Stikeleather, Certified Orthotist and President of National Scoliosis Center, the Rigo Cheneau brace applies

directed and selective pressure to the curve and gives a relief area opposite that. We want to move the spine inside the brace and allow for growth and breathing and activity.

The Rigo Cheneau TLSO back brace offers so many positives to scoliosis patients:

  • Years of research and practice. Jacques Cheneau first developed the brace in France in the late 1970s. He approached the treatment from a new perspective, looking at the 3D nature of scoliosis. Dr. Cheneau believed in the combined benefits of bracing with breathing and physical therapy techniques. He worked with the pioneers in the field of scoliosis physical therapy, the mother-daughter team of Katharina Schroth and Christa Lehnert-Schroth, to combine a regime of highly specialized physical therapy to work with his brace (history of Schroth and corrective bracing). Dr. Manuel Rigo added to Dr. Cheneau’s research and design by expanding upon customization and options.

National Scoliosis Center offers over 15 years of experience in successfully treating scoliosis patients with the Rigo Cheneau brace. In fact, Luke Stikeleather introduced the Rigo Cheneau brace to North America in 2004 under the tutelage of Dr. Manuel Rigo.

  • Full Customization. Rigo Cheneau braces are fully customized. The directed and selected pressure points, and corresponding relief areas, mentioned above are unique to every patient. State-of-the-art X-ray and CAD/CAM technologies ensure that each patient’s unique spinal curves are carefully assessed and addressed by the brace. Moreover, patients can truly take ownership of their brace by choosing colors and sporty, neutral, or trendy patterns.
  • Greater Comfort. The theory behind the Rigo Cheneau TLSO brace is customized pressure points and relief areas. So, the brace, constructed of very lightweight plastic, does not touch the body in areas where there is no need for it to touch. Additionally, the padding is placed only at strategic points. National Scoliosis Center patients report that the Rigo Cheneau brace is more comfortable and cooler than others they have worn.
  • Proven outcomes. Most importantly, the Rigo Cheneau brace works! National Scoliosis Center has documented successful results based on the treatment of over 5,000 scoliosis patients over the last 15 years. Ninety percent of these patients have avoided surgery. Of that 90%, 60% of the curves were stabilized and 30% improved.

Think of the newly planted sapling that a gardener stakes into the ground. Everything is precisely measured and cut for that particular tree’s size and type. The gardener leaves some room for “give” so the tree can grow and move slightly in the wind. The skilled gardener strikes a fine balance and the sapling grows to be a strong and erect tree without being overly encumbered or confined by the supports. The Rigo Cheneau TLSO brace strikes a similar balance for scoliosis patients, allowing a highly customized, more comfortable, fully proven bracing method to promote straight growth and limit, or possibly even stop, the curve progression.

Photo Credit: SYDNEE LUBAR