Luke’s Interview with Dr. Derek Lee: Scoliosis Bracing

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Scoliosis Bracing: Everything You Wanted To Know

In this YouTube interview, Dr. Derek Lee speaks with Luke Stikeleather, President, Founder, and Chief Orthotist, of National Scoliosis Center about his opinions on bracing for scoliosis. Learn more about why National Scoliosis Center uses the Rigo Cheneau brace for treating spinal curves.

Dr. Derek Lee, DC, RAc’s Scoliosis Spine Surgeon Interviews include extended discussions with the top scoliosis surgeons, scoliosis researchers, orthotists (brace makers), and scoliosis specific therapists from around the world.

These interviews were inspired by Dr. Lee’s own son’s scoliosis journey from diagnosis to bracing, physiotherapy, chiropractic, and ultimately to vertebral body tethering. There is a maze of information/disinformation regarding scoliosis. It quickly became apparent to Dr. Lee that the best, the most current, and the most relevant scoliosis information came directly from the scoliosis spine surgeons and other experts.

The Scoliosis Spine Surgeon Interviews are an educational resource for parents and patients dealing with scoliosis that will hopefully allow them to make better health decisions in a timely manner.