What to Wear to Your Brace Appointments

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girl wearing leggings and boy wearing athletic shorts

You just found out that you have scoliosis and need to get a back brace to help avoid surgery. That is a lot…we know! One way to make the process of getting a brace less stressful is to ensure you wear the right clothing to appointments with your orthotist (brace maker).

The first appointment usually involves measuring, scanning, and sometimes an X-Ray. To get the best measurements possible, we advise our patients to wear form-fitted clothing. At our office, we provide every patient with a tight-fitting, white shirt to wear during their measurement and delivery appointments.

All Patients

  • Wear fitted clothing
  • Do not wear jeans or pants/shorts with belts (or belt loops)


  • A bra (or sports bra) to keep on under the white shirt (color does not matter)
  • Yoga pants, leggings, compression shorts, or athletic shorts/pants with an elastic waistband


  • Athletic shorts/pants with an elastic waistband, or compression tights/shorts

A diagnosis of scoliosis, and the idea of getting a brace, can be difficult. Our goal is to educate you regarding the process, provide the best care possible, and make the experience less stressful. That begins with successful appointments and getting a customized brace to stabilize and improve your curves.