A Mother’s Determination to Have her Daughter Avoid Surgery Pays Off

Success Stories:

At 14 years old, Bobbie (Maleah’s Mom) was diagnosed with scoliosis. Unfortunately, her curve was not detected until it had already advanced to 60 degrees. Ultimately, she underwent spine surgery to insert rods and straighten her back. She remembers that this surgery took a huge toll on both her and her parents, and she was determined to avoid that burden for her daughter, Maleah.

Bobbie was sure to check her daughter’s back for curves regularly from an early age, and when Maleah turned five years old her mother noticed that her back appeared uneven. She immediately consulted a doctor, and in September of 2019, an X-ray of Maleah’s back revealed not one, but two curves measuring 33 degrees. Subsequently, a therapist near their home in Louisville, Kentucky referred them to National Scoliosis Center in Fairfax, Virginia. Bobbie and her husband Dameon wanted the best treatment for Maleah, so traveling for custom bracing was not going to be a deterrent.

Luke and Maleah in her brace
Maleah was fitted with her first brace at the age of 6.

Maleah received her first Rigo Cheneau brace at the age of six. To enhance her treatment, Maleah participated in Schroth Physical Therapy during her first months of wearing her brace. Six months later, in April 2020, Maleah’s out-of-brace (OOB) X-ray indicated her curves were down from 33 to 22 degrees…both the brace and Maleah were doing their job!

In July 2021, after Maleah had grown three inches in one year, a third brace was constructed, and then in June 2022, Maleah received her fourth brace. Her most recent OOB X-rays show her curve is down to 13 degrees. After committing to full-time wear for three years, she now only has to wear her brace at night – a recommended 12 hours per day.

Maleah, now ten years old, has been diligent in wearing her brace as instructed and returns to National Scoliosis Center for adjustments and new braces as she grows. While the journey has been long, Maleah’s consistent progress shows how success comes with commitment and perseverance.

We are proud of Maleah – not only for her success – but also for the way she encourages others who are going through scoliosis treatment. At her most recent visit to our office, she met with two girls about her age. She talked with them and helped them to understand that wearing a brace would be pretty easy.

Maleah’s mom has outstanding things to say about the care her daughter receives at National Scoliosis Center.

“We know that when we come [to National Scoliosis Center] it will be a positive experience,” says Bobbie. “The staff always exceeds our expectations. We are so happy with the results we have seen with Maleah.”