Success Stories:

Luke is simply AMAZING!! My daughter and I just worked with Luke on her first ever scoliosis brace. First, Luke worked with us prior to our arrival and arranged our visit such that he worked on her brace Sat AND Sun in order to accommodate my work schedule and our travel. Second, Luke connected us to an amazing talk that he and others gave about scoliosis that we were able to attend while we were here. Then, there’s Luke himself—a clear perfectionist dedicated to improving the lives of the children that visit him. He involved my daughter in the building of the brace which established an ownership feeling in her she otherwise would not have had. He addressed ALL of her concerns and questions. I simply cannot overstate how wonderful he is. We were given very clear directions for wearing the brace and he saw us before we left town to tweak the brace to absolute perfection. Prior to coming to the National Scoliosis Center, I spoke to MANY people in the scoliosis business (orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, etc.) and it became obvious very quickly that if you want the best, Luke is who you see. I feel even more strongly about that now that we have the brace. When you think about the implications and what is at stake when bracing a child, the best is what you need.

-Amanda Squires