Born in the Stars

Success Stories:

Meet Destiny, one of our amazing patients. She’s 10 years old, in the Gifted and Talented program at her school, and is a published author! In fact, she is the first in her school’s history to write a book on her own.

Her book, “Born in the Stars,” is about friendship and how two girls overcome challenges together. The book is an excellent read for everyone but is particularly geared toward elementary and middle school kids. You can support this budding young author and purchase her book at and put in this pin# 8171655.

As far as Destiny’s scoliosis goes, she is doing a fantastic job wearing her custom Rigo Cheneau brace. She wears her brace 23 hours a day most days and says that she got used to wearing the brace within four days.

Destiny, although you weren’t born in the stars, we think you are a star!!!