Bracing and Schroth Physical Therapy

Success Stories:

The team at the National Scoliosis Center has been life-changing in many ways. Upon receiving our daughter’s diagnosis with idiopathic Scoliosis we were left confused and frustrated in our course of action. A great deal of research lead us to Luke and we are very thankful that we found him. He was wonderful in getting us an appointment for a consultation and subsequent brace. Our daughter was already fit for a Wilmington Brace, but our research indicated that in her condition the expected results were poor at best. The education, comfort, and compassion we received at National Scoliosis Center was amazing. We considered it a game-changer. She has been wearing her Rigo brace for approximately seven months and is actually quite comfortable in it. It is much better than the Wilmington Brace.

We have also combined the brace with Schroth Physical Therapy. Downey Hinrichs has been a wonderful therapist for Taylor. We have the ability to touch base with her onsite to fine-tune our daughter’s exercises. We feel the combination of the treatment modalities gives her the greatest chance to avoid surgical intervention.