Comfortable and Happy

Success Stories:

When I was six I was diagnosed with scoliosis. I was then referred to Luke Stikeleather to be fitted for a custom brace. Luke fitted me for a modified Rigo Cheneau style brace that helped both my upper 34-degree thoracic curve and lower 20-degree lumbar curve. I began wearing the brace for 22 hours a day, every day of the week. After five years, my wearing hours were cut down as my curve improved and was holding at five degrees. When I was 14, the brace had fixed my curve to less than 10 degrees.

Through the seven years I wore the brace, Luke never failed to keep me comfortable and happy. I never left his office without a smile on my face and a perfectly comfortable brace. NSC makes a big effort in making a one-on-one connection with patients to earn our trust and overall satisfaction.

There is no better orthotist than Luke Stikeleather. He is caring, intelligent, and very passionate— all very inspiring and important qualities that are truly admirable in an orthotist. My back is straight and Luke is still an important figure in my life today. He did more than fix my back…he earned my respect.