Compassionate Care

Success Stories:

I first met Luke in 2000 when I was 10 years old. He confirmed the scary truth that I had an “S” shaped curve one of which was 45 degrees. At my young age, my parents decided to give bracing a try in the hopes it could keep the curve from progressing as I grew and help me avoid surgery. Luke treated me from age 10 to 14. He watched me grow out of several braces during that time and always had the best stickers to decorate each brace with.

I’ll never forget the day I found out the bracing wasn’t doing enough to prevent the curve from progressing and that I would have to have surgery. After 4 long years of wearing the brace 22 hours a day, I was devastated and just started sobbing. Luke had made the trip out to the¬†orthopedic surgeon’s office to be there when I found out. I remember feeling so defeated, yet supported with my parents and Luke by my side.

I write today as a 29-year-old woman who’s now able to live my best life with no back pain. I’m able to exercise and enjoy yoga (despite not being able to do any poses involving backbends!). Although the bracing didn’t prevent surgery for me, I recognize the important role it played in allowing me to grow in my preteen years and keep my curve in check during that time. Ages 10 to 14 aren’t easy ages for anyone, especially kids who have anything different about them. I will always appreciate Luke and his practice for the specialized treatment and compassionate care I received for all those years.

Thank you for everything you do! Your work is helping so many kids and I want you to know that what you do stays with those kids into their adult lives!

-Stephanie Barker