Ellie’s Scoliosis Journey: An article from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Success Stories:
Ellie with her scoliosis braces

With support from her team of providers, Ellie has learned that, during challenges and difficult times, she has the strength to handle those experiences. As a team, we proactively organized Ellie’s care to make scoliosis something that happened during Ellie’s childhood, not a defining feature of who she is.

–Robert K. Lark, MD, MS; Elizabeth (Ellie) H. Garman; Mary Jackson, PT, DPT, PCS, C/NDT; Katherine S. Garman, MD, MHS

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently published an excellent article titled Shared Decision-Making for Juvenile Scoliosis. This article gives a comprehensive look into Ellie Garman’s scoliosis journey from the time of her diagnosis at the age of seven to today. By presenting the perspectives of the patient, parent, and physician, this account details the significant impact a team approach can make towards the successful treatment of scoliosis. We are incredibly proud of Ellie’s perseverance and are pleased to see that her curves are stable. It was an honor to be a part of her team.

To read the article, go to the American Academy of Pediatrics Shared Decision-Making for Juvenile Scoliosis article.