Son and Daughter Embraced in Comfort

Success Stories:

We first came to see Luke just after my daughter had just turned 8 and her curve had progressed to a whopping 67 degrees, despite her year and a half in a Spinecor brace. We traveled over 600 miles to see him because we heard from our chiropractor that he was the best. We soon found out that “the best” was a major understatement. Now we consider Luke to be one of the biggest blessings we’ve been given through this scoliosis journey. He immediately put my daughter at ease, and his caring demeanor spills into every aspect of what he does. One can tell when visiting Luke that this is not just his occupation, but it is truly his mission. He worked tirelessly to make sure my daughter’s brace fit perfectly. Yet, he knew her curve was severe, so he didn’t make false promises. He promised to do his best, pray about her, and that we’d have to see what the result was. When we went back 4 months, and then a year later, the results were good—my daughter’s curve was down below the 50-degree surgical level.

When my son was diagnosed with Scoliosis, we decided that we would get him braced if he hit the 20-degree point. We took him to Luke for his first brace in February—by our return visit over Christmas, after our son was wearing his brace 22 hours per day every day, his curve had significantly decreased.

After our son was wearing his brace 22 hours per day every day, his curve had significantly decreased.

Now, he wears his brace only at night and his curve is 11 degrees—hardly considered Scoliosis! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Luke and his staff. Even if we didn’t have success with our curves, I would still consider them to be such a blessing because they truly care for their patients! My daughter talks all the time about how wonderful and kind Luke is to her—claiming he is the “best doctor ever” to everyone she meets. Whether his title indicates he is a “Doctor” or not, he has the heart of the Great Physician, truly tending to patients’ minds, bodies, and spirit.