Evan Gets Released from Wearing His Brace

Success Stories:
Evan and his family, Kristen Venuti , and his rigo cheneau brace

I wanted to reach out to each of you to thank you for all of your support and care for Evan throughout his scoliosis treatment. Today is a very special day! He was officially released from wearing his brace by Kristen [Kristen Venuti, CRNP, Johns Hopkins Medicine]. We are so proud of all of his hard work these past 2 1/2 years. It certainly has not been easy but he was a trooper and determined to not allow his curve to get any worse. We are so thankful for your brace and all of your guidance throughout this journey. Evan was diagnosed in March 2020 which was also the start of Covid. This was such a challenging time, and our family was certainly overwhelmed by the road ahead. With Evan’s amazing attitude and perseverance, we got through it and could not be happier today. Thank you all for everything!

Happy and healthy new year wishes,
Evan’s Mom