From Ontario

Success Stories:

I found out that I had scoliosis when I turned 13. At that time my curves had cobb angels of 48 degrees at the top and the bottom of my back, as you can see in the first picture of my X-rays. My family doctor sent me to a spine specialist in London, who said that I had to have surgery. My parents were not comfortable with this so they did some research and took me to the Ottawa Scoliosis and Posture Centre. There we learned the Schroth physiotherapy exercises and were lucky enough to be referred to Luke at National Scoliosis Center to get a brace. Everyone is so nice and helpful there and I really enjoyed helping to make my Rigo Cheneau brace. Luke took the time to explain everything to me and my family. He listened to me about how my brace was fitting and made adjustments as needed.

The second picture in my X-rays was taken about one year after getting my brace. I hadn’t worn my brace for 24 hours before the X-ray and it shows how my curves have improved to about 34 degrees on the top and 26 degrees on the bottom. My parents and I were happy about my progress from wearing the brace (which I do all the time, except to shower and play sports). One year after wearing my brace I grew more than 2 inches and outgrew my brace, so we went back to Luke to get a new brace. The only thing that could make going there better is if his office was closer to where we live, instead of being a 10-hour drive away.

The third X-ray in the picture was taken in my new brace and shows even more correction to the curves in my spine that we are hoping for. Overall, I want to say thank you to Luke and everyone at the National Scoliosis Center for being so helpful and kind. And to anyone who is told they have scoliosis, surgery might not be the only choice you have. I have been wearing my brace as much as possible, trying to avoid surgery. Since you are reading this, you have heard about the National Scoliosis Center and hopefully, they will be able to help you too.

-Lexi from Ontario, Canada