Her Curve Has Decreased 10 Degrees

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Scoliosis Curve has decreased Testimonial

Lola’s Mom: In January 2019 we found her [Lola’s] scoliosis incidentally through and An X-ray for an injury. Basically, it was a kind of a shock to us because it did seem to progress from nothing to something at least to the naked eye. I went online just to do some research after I found out the diagnosis and I found National Scoliosis Center. I went on their Instagram page and I just saw so many different uplifting and positive stories about Luke and the center and the type of brace they make here. That seemed to ease my mind — just listening and seeing those stories and so I reached out and made the appointment. Every appointment we have we are able to get so much done and get so many of our questions answered. Lola is 6-1/2 now and was 5 when we started this process. She’s definitely younger but she feels comfortable with him [Luke]. When she comes in to get fitted for her brace or make modifications (because there is so much growth at this age), she’s able to communicate with him where it’s bothering her. So he’s able to work directly with her and we can just be sitting and helping as much as we can. But they work very well together and she likes to ask questions a little bit.

Lola’s Dad: We were able to bounce a lot of questions and things that were running through our heads about this situation. He [Luke] was extremely helpful, friendly, and kind. 

Lola’s Mom: He was very instrumental in helping us work with the other doctors as well because she had several other doctors. We had to put things on hold because of her surgery [for the injury] but as soon as she was done with the surgery and she was able to start wearing her brace it was ready to go. We’ve just been full steam ahead with getting her in her brace as soon as possible. She had it [the brace] for a year and her curve decreased by 10 degrees. It is really key with as much growth — she grew two inches in a year. They knew [Luke and the orthotic team at National Scoliosis Center] that if she got fitted in a brace that it would work to keep it [the curve] stable and hopefully correct, which it did. 

Lola’s Dad: I would say it’s extremely important when you’re coming here for the first time and you’re not really knowing what to expect [that the National Scoliosis Center helped to] make us feel a little bit more like we can handle this. 

Lola’s Mom: And Lola, especially — since she is so young and she has other doctors that she has to visit. But this is definitely the most non-doctor like that we come to for her care.