Learning About and Maintaining Spinal Health

Success Stories:

We have hereditary scoliosis, which requires vigilance and monitoring through childhood, adolescence, and later adulthood. The knowledge and training Luke and Downey provide are valuable at each stage, and they adapt their methods and tools to your phase of life. The National Scoliosis Center can be your life-line through the anxiety and fear that can come with scoliosis, as they show you a path that is an alternative to major surgery. Though not always avoidable, my family has experienced fusion surgery, and the NSC is way better! My daughter learned valuable exercise and breathing techniques that helped reduce the size of her curve and maximize the value of being in her brace. Halting the curve’s progression enabled her to continue dancing on her school team and experience less pain than she otherwise would have had.

The most valuable aspect of our experience was learning that maintaining spinal health with scoliosis is a lifelong endeavor requiring constant self-checks, discipline, exercise, and keeping abreast of new treatments. Luke and Downey never stop learning about their fields, so neither do their patients!

What sets them [the National Scoliosis Center] apart is personalized attention and their ability to integrate the brace mechanics with the physical movements and therapy that would best address my daughter’s unique needs and condition. As a team, Luke and Downey were able to synthesize an approach that resulted in keeping my daughter’s curves under 20 degrees, thereby allowing us to avoid surgery.

I would say turn to experts who are on the leading edge of knowledge when it comes to scoliosis therapy, exercise and bracing. Downey and Luke work as an integrative team with spinal surgeons and doctors. They have an educational approach that empowers patients to be their own best advocates.