A Family’s Journey to Straighten: Maeva’s Scoliosis Success Story

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ballerina with scoliosis

A Mother’s Perspective (May):
In 2020, when Maeva, my daughter, first complained about back pain after doing a backbend, I brushed it off as a typical muscle strain. Little did I know that this would mark the beginning of a journey that would change our lives. Maeva, being a determined and passionate ballerina, never let discomfort slow her down. However, over time, she kept mentioning an odd feeling in her hip, like something was out of alignment. As a mother, my intuition told me that something was amiss, but I wasn’t sure what.

Fast forward to 2022, during her annual physical exam, our family doctor and I noticed a curve in Maeva’s spine. The alarm bells went off in my head. The X-rays confirmed what the doctor suspected – Maeva had scoliosis, with a 31-degree curve, and she was already at a Sanders stage of 6/7, indicating that she was close to finishing her growth. It was a daunting diagnosis, but I was determined to do everything in my power to stop her curve from progressing and hopefully find a way to decrease the curve.

My first instinct was to educate myself about scoliosis. I immersed myself in reading, learning, and connecting with other parents facing similar challenges through online support groups. It was during this journey that I stumbled upon National Scoliosis Center and Schroth DC (a scoliosis-specific physical therapy clinic located inside National Scoliosis Center). This discovery marked a turning point in our quest for Maeva’s well-being.

When Maeva and I first walked into National Scoliosis Center, we were greeted by an atmosphere that left an indelible impression on both of us. The office was not just a medical space; it was a haven of warmth and positivity. The walls adorned with fun, vibrant colors, there was a smile on the face of the woman that greeted us, and the palpable enthusiasm of the employees all conveyed a genuine love for what they do.

A Daughter’s Perspective (Maeva):
When my back pain first began in 2020, I didn’t think much of it. After all, I was a ballerina, and aches and pains were part of the package. But as the pain continued intermittently and I noticed my hip felt off-kilter, I couldn’t help but worry. Little did I know that these seemingly minor discomforts were signs of a bigger challenge ahead.

In 2022, during my annual check-up at the age of 13, my mom and I were shocked to discover the curve in my spine. It was scary to hear that I had scoliosis and the 31-degree curve meant that it was already quite significant. Learning that I was close to being done growing made it even more urgent to address the issue.

My mom, being the incredible advocate she is, immediately started researching everything there was to know about scoliosis. She joined online support groups, read articles, and connected with other parents facing similar situations. Through her tireless efforts, we found National Scoliosis Center and Schroth DC. The expertise of the staff of both proved to be a game changer.

Meghan, the patient care coordinator, played a pivotal role in ensuring that my mom and I were well-informed about the treatment process. She took the time we needed, patiently addressing our questions and concerns. Kristian, the orthotist (my brace maker), was crucial to my progress. He not only created a custom brace tailored to my specific needs, but also involved me in the entire process, making it a collaborative and empowering experience.

In addition, the Schroth DC physical therapists, Eric and Caroline, became instrumental in training me to work on my posture. The combined efforts of National Scoliosis Center and Schroth DC made a positive impact on my life.

An Orthotist’s Perspective (Kristian, CPO):
When Maeva came to us in 2022 with a 31-degree curve in her spine and a Sanders stage of 6/7, it was clear that we needed to act swiftly to provide her with the best care possible.

Working alongside my team at National Scoliosis Center and Schroth DC, we embarked on a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to Maeva’s unique needs. Schroth physical therapy sessions were instrumental in teaching Maeva corrective exercises to improve her posture and spinal alignment. We also designed a custom Rigo Cheneau style scoliosis brace which she has worn diligently to prevent further progression of the curve – even reducing her curve to 18 degrees!

Maeva willed this improvement because of her dedication and commitment to bracing and Schroth PT. Her postural improvements will benefit her for the rest of her life. She now wears her brace for just 10 hours a day and is in the homestretch of completing her bracing journey.

Her dedication to her therapy and her family’s unwavering support were truly inspiring.

A Family’s Triumph:
Now, a year later, as we reflect on this incredible journey, we can’t help but feel a deep sense of gratitude. Maeva’s story is a testament to the power of love, determination, and collaboration in the face of adversity.

Today as Maeva continues to diligently wear her brace, we’ve found the results to be truly incredible. Her scoliosis curve, once at a challenging 31 degrees, has significantly improved, reduced to a remarkable 18 degrees. Her posture has transformed into near perfection, with no noticeable hip imbalance or leaning to the left. She is now able to pursue her passion for ballet with greater comfort and confidence.

This journey has taught us that with the right support and a determined spirit, we can overcome even the most challenging obstacles. We hope that Maeva’s story inspires others facing similar struggles to never give up and to seek the specialized care they need.

Her resilience and determination are embodied in words she shares with others facing similar challenges: “Never lose faith and embrace your brace! I find comfort in this brace and I stick with wearing it because I know this is just a short period of my life that will make a difference for the rest of my life. The brace is here to help and if you give it your all, you will have a positive outcome.”

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