Much Better

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Audrey Kohrnak sitting on a railing in front of a golf course

At her 10-year-old well-check, Audrey Korhnak‘s pediatrician noticed that something was wrong with the curve of her spine. After undergoing X-rays and seeing an orthopedist, it was determined that Audrey had not one, but three curves. Subsequently, she was fitted for a Boston brace which proved to be ill-suited for her. To Audrey, the Boston brace felt huge, thick, hot, and confining (it strapped in the back which made it difficult to manage). This was so traumatic for Audrey that she would cry and beg her parents not to make her wear it. In fact, she even asked if she could have surgery to correct her scoliosis instead.

After a month enduring the Boston Brace, Audrey’s parents were determined to find something better. After researching the Curvy Girls Facebook page (a scoliosis support group for girls), her mom discovered that a number of families had found great success with the help of Luke Stikeleather at the National Scoliosis Center.

Immediately upon arriving at the National Scoliosis Center, Audrey and her family were put at ease by the caring team and the calming patience of Luke who introduced them to the advantages of the Rigo Cheneau brace. Quickly, it was determined that this was the right place and the right brace for Audrey. Luke made a brace that custom-fit her body and was precisely designed to address her specific curves.

Audrey’s anxiety immediately lessened. She was much happier with her new brace and compliance—even with having to wear it for 22 hours a day—became a non-issue.

Meeting with Luke was much better and I felt happy when I saw the [Rigo Cheneau] braces. I felt less scared and I was glad to be at the National Scoliosis Center. – Audrey Korhnak

Luke continued to work with Audrey and her new orthopedist at Children’s National Specialists of Virginia performing X-rays, making periodic brace adjustments, and creating an additional brace until she was thirteen years old and done growing. Today she is brace-free, was able to avoid surgery completely, and her top and bottom curves are almost gone.