My Final Brace

Success Stories:

Hi, I’m Nico! I’m 14 years old and I’m in my third AND FINAL brace! Now, I only have to wear it a night for a little while longer and then I am done.

When I first found out I had scoliosis and needed to get a back brace, I was very upset. But I soon realized that everybody has something to deal with and my “something” just happened to be scoliosis.

So, I decided to start having fun with my brace. I mean, really, all of the sudden I had armor or abs of steel and my own brace drum to play. Having a sense of humor and a mom that reminded me to wear my brace helped a lot.

I tried to get most of my brace-wearing time in at night – sometimes I even went to bed early just to get my hours. I took it off for sports and that is about it.

I am thankful to everyone at National Scoliosis Center, especially Kristian, my brace maker, for the encouragement, support, and this great brace – that I am done wearing! No surgery for me!
– Nico