UPDATED: Scoliosis Patient Finds Purpose by Paying It Forward

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December 6, 2021 UPDATE: Today, Kate has successfully completed her bracing. Her curves have decreased to 14 degrees and 12 degrees, which is well below the need for surgery. Go Kate! We are so proud of you.

Kate wearing Spinal Cuff Kate's before and after bracing X-rays for scoliosis

May 1, 2020 – At National Scoliosis Center, we are continually amazed by our patients. Receiving a diagnosis of scoliosis is never welcome news. And yet, our patients invariably meet the news with determination and conviction rather than dejection and self-pity. In many cases, they even find a renewed sense of purpose rising out of the challenge of their diagnosis.

One of those inspiring young women is Kate Meszaros. Kate was diagnosed at 11 years old with scoliosis. With curves over 20-degrees, her doctor recommended that she pursue bracing treatment. Originally, she was fitted with a Wilmington Brace. Later, Kate found her way to National Scoliosis Center where she met Luke Stikeleather (Chief Orthotist, President and Founder of National Scoliosis Center). Luke fitted her for a Rigo Cheneau brace which she found to be much more comfortable and therefore allowed her to be more compliant with brace wearing. After two years in her new Rigo Cheneau brace, Kate was thrilled when her X-rays showed great improvement in her curves.

Along the way Kate met other individuals involved with scoliosis awareness and treatment. She credits these relationships with helping her learn and grow as she met the challenges of her journey. Feeling grateful for the helpful support and advice she received, Kate resolved to find ways that she might pay the kindness forward. She also felt compelled to bring awareness to the importance of early detection and screening. Becoming a leader for the Delaware Curvy Girls (a scoliosis support organization) allowed Kate to walk alongside those who were experiencing the same challenges of scoliosis treatment that she had. In addition, she met some amazing people that were willing to support her cause.

One of those people was Heidi Lowe, owner of Heidi Lowe Gallery. Lowe has developed an initiative called “Jewelry for A Cause” and she designs, creates, and sells jewelry specially made for charitable organizations. For each piece sold she donates $50 to a specific charity. Kate and Heidi teamed up to create the “Spinal Cuff”, a beautifully-crafted curved silver bracelet that benefits the National Scoliosis Foundation.

Kate says that when she wears the bracelet it reminds her of her own journey and inspires her to embrace life’s challenges and to stay strong. She hopes that the Spinal Cuff will also help those who wear it start conversations about scoliosis awareness.

We, at National Scoliosis Center, are inspired by the good work and thoughtful hearts of patients like Kate, as well as by the families and community members who support them. We encourage you to partner with Kate in her efforts by checking out the beautiful Spinal Cuff. The bracelet is available to order through the Heidi Lowe Gallery online shop and would make a perfect Mother’s Day or birthday gift (due to COVID-19 restrictions, shipment of the bracelet will be delayed). At the same time your purchase will support Kate’s vision to spread scoliosis awareness as $50 for each piece sold will be donated to the National Scoliosis Foundation – a patient-led organization dedicated to scoliosis awareness, education, treatment, and research.