Update on Sydnee Lubar, Author of SPINES: The Art of Scoliosis

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Sydnee Lubar and Luke Stikeleather

Sydnee Lubar recently stopped in for a visit and to have a low-dose EOS X-ray. These follow-up exams are important to ensure that the degree of Sydnee’s scoliosis curve remains stable. Her last X-ray, taken in 2018 when she completed her bracing, measured 21 degrees. Four years later, we measured her curve at 18 degrees. This is great news! Her curve is holding steady. Best of all, Sydnee’s spine looks and feels good and she should never need surgery for her scoliosis.

Sydnee is a former patient of National Scoliosis Center and an advocate for scoliosis awareness. She was only a junior in high school when she combined her artistic, executive, marketing, and financial skills to create her book, SPINES: The Art of Scoliosis. The book features the photographs and stories of 28 women and girls with different curvatures. Sydnee’s goal was to show the power patients can gain in sharing their experiences with others who have a similar diagnosis. In addition, she designated the net proceeds of the book to go to the National Scoliosis Foundation for research and the advancement of non-operative treatment methods. To date, the book has raised over $40k for the National Scoliosis Foundation.

Luke Stikeleather, Chief Orthotist and President and Founder of National Scoliosis Center, was honored to write the foreword for Sydnee’s book, “We are so proud of Sydnee. Her dedication to her treatment and to using her own journey to help others through her book is to be commended. We are excited to see what the future holds for this compassionate and inspiring young woman.”

When asked what inspired her to create SPINES: The Art of Scoliosis she said, “I think since scoliosis is such a niche topic and medical condition, most people don’t know a lot about it. There’s not a ton going on in terms of awareness. My biggest concern was how I would be able to reach others since most people aren’t that connected to it [scoliosis]. I did that through the photography component, the interviews, and personal connections that brought people together.”

Sydnee Lubar's book Spines: The Art of ScoliosisIn terms of advice for others who want to raise awareness for scoliosis (or any other cause) she says, “Choose a cause that is super close to home or that you’re really passionate about – one that would interest other people, but more importantly one where you feel a connection.”  Sydnee also said that in order to help raise more awareness for scoliosis, people should be encouraged to get checked for scoliosis at a young age and seek out preventative care.

Today, Sydnee is a junior at the University of Michigan. She is studying communication and entrepreneurship, while also continuing her hobby of photography. This spring she is studying at the University of Westminster in London and this summer, Sydnee will be interning at JP Morgan. Way to go Sydnee!

You can still purchase her book, SPINES: The Art of Scoliosis, on her website or stop by our Fairfax office where we have copies available. You can also follow her book page on Instagram – @spinesthebook. We are honored to be a part of Sydnee’s scoliosis journey.