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9 Great Scoliosis-Themed Gift Ideas for the 2022 Holiday Season

Community News:

The holidays are quickly approaching and we’ve got some great gift ideas for our patients. These unique gifts celebrate the strength and resiliency we see every day in our scoliosis patients. Your son or daughter will feel your support and pride in them when they receive these special gifts. Scolios-us Brace Journal – 2nd Edition … Continued

Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Community News:

The holidays are approaching and online shopping carts are filling! It’s always nice to give a gift that truly tells the recipient that they are “seen”. Today we want to share some ideas that will help you assure your daughter or son that they are not alone as they navigate their scoliosis treatment. In addition, … Continued

Scoliosis Books for Children, Tweens, Teens and Families

Scoliosis Insights:

Every one of our patients has questions about what scoliosis is, what it will be like wearing a brace, how their friends will react, etc … We’ve compiled a list of scoliosis books for children, tweens, teens, and families to help them understand scoliosis, bracing and the journey ahead. Children Being Grace: A Story for … Continued