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Fall Fashion Ideas if You Wear a Scoliosis Brace

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For those who love fashion and the opportunity to change their style as the weather changes, Fall is one of the most fun seasons of all. Scoliosis patients can easily change their wardrobes to align with all of the fall trends. With just a few adjustments here and there, our patients do not have to … Continued

What to Wear Over Your Brace: Fall Fashion 2019

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“What to wear” is one of most daunting challenges associated with wearing a brace for teens and young girls diagnosed with scoliosis. Luckily, as we move into the cooler months of fall, fashion choices become easier to navigate. The possibilities for diverse styles that can adequately cover the brace are more widely available. Here’s a … Continued


Do all scoliosis patients wear braces? No, in some cases, a brace is not needed when the curvature is mild and in other cases when the curvature is determined to be too great surgery might be needed. A mild curvature may be watched to show signs of progression and may never need bracing. Physical therapy … Continued


Our team is educated, friendly and willing to help you and your son or daughter navigate non-operative scoliosis care. To that end, we encourage you to learn more. Here are some helpful links:  Support Success Stories: Hear from patients of the National Scoliosis Center. Books: We’ve compiled a list of scoliosis books for children, tweens, … Continued

Embracing Fashion: Winter 2019

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One of the most anxiety producing questions young women ask themselves when they are diagnosed with scoliosis is “What will I wear?” To be sure, this is a universal question among most pre-adolescents and adolescent girls who are at an age when they want to fit in and be sure they are on trend with … Continued

Facing the Challenges of Scoliosis

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A Team Approach to Scoliosis Treatment Leads to Success Upon hearing a diagnosis of scoliosis, one of the primary concerns for most parents and patients is the possibility of facing invasive surgery. Fortunately, patients with early-onset scoliosis can reasonably expect to manage their spinal curvatures with non-operative treatments. Bracing has proven to be the most … Continued

Staying Cool: What to Wear Over Your Brace in the Summer

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Let’s explore some practical tips and fashion ideas to help you breeze through the summer season with confidence. First, ventilation holes can greatly improve comfort. These strategically placed holes allow air to circulate, reduce heat buildup, and minimize sweating. Your orthotist will be happy to add the holes to ensure that the brace’s structural integrity … Continued