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Rigo Cheneau TLSO: Rising Above the Status Quo

Custom Braces:

There are several types of scoliosis back braces out there. Most are designed to maximize curve correction when the brace is worn while also promoting the gradual straightening of that curve over time. Many feel restrictive, but the Rigo Cheneau thoracic lumbar sacral orthosis (TLSO) brace works uniquely and effectively without excessive restrictiveness. The Rigo … Continued

I Want to Help Others with Scoliosis

Success Stories:

On November 19, 2015 my life changed because of my diagnosis with scoliosis. I was told that my large curves of 49° thoracic and 44° lumbar would most likely not respond to bracing and that surgery was going to be inevitable. Tears welled in my eyes and a state of shock, confusion, and panic set … Continued

Bracing and Schroth Physical Therapy

Success Stories:

The team at the National Scoliosis Center has been life-changing in many ways. Upon receiving our daughter’s diagnosis with idiopathic Scoliosis we were left confused and frustrated in our course of action. A great deal of research lead us to Luke and we are very thankful that we found him. He was wonderful in getting … Continued

Don’t Miss the Curve! Screen Your Child or Teen for Scoliosis!

Scoliosis Insights:

June is National Scoliosis Awareness Month According to Luke Stikeleather, Founder, President, and Chief Orthotist at National Scoliosis Center, “Early detection of scoliosis is the key to providing a child the opportunity to be treated with conservative treatment options, such as bracing, and helping them avoid the need for surgery.” Some things to know about … Continued


Do all scoliosis patients wear braces? No, in some cases, a brace is not needed when the curvature is mild and in other cases when the curvature is determined to be too great surgery might be needed. A mild curvature may be watched to show signs of progression and may never need bracing. Physical therapy … Continued